Trevor | 29 | ♉ | he/they

I am but a humble introvert trying put my Master's Degree in creative fiction writing to good use. I work as an editor for an independent publishing company and in my spare time I work on my original lgbtqia+ urban fantasy novels, as well as my ever-growing collection of fanfiction ideas.

What I Do:

I offer beta and editing services, as well as smaller writing commissions. In the future I will also be offering videos on hints, tips, and beginner guides to creative fiction writing.

Supporting me on patreon will give you access to sneak peaks and authors notes on certain fanfics before the fic's conclusion, as well as Q & A and access to NSFW (18+ only!). Sign up to recieve 500 word personalized drabbles, or commission me here for a 1,000 word one-shot.

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